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SENSEX 28,946.23 17.10 USD 66.60 0.11
NIFTY 8,934.55 7.55 EUR 70.70 0.12
BSE-100 9,208.05 0.46 GBP 80.91 0.30

Information on Bank of India (BOI) branches, ATMs, loans and interest rates.

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Bank of India

    Bank of India
  • Nationalised Banks
  • BSE: BOI
  • September 7, 1906
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • India and Worldwide
  • Commercial Banking
    Retail Banking
    Private Banking
    Asset Management
    Credit Cards
  • Rs. 243935.0 million (US$3.9 billion)

• BOI Branches in Alphabetical Order

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Bank of India Customer Care

Contact Address:
C - 5, "G" Block,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East)
Mumbai-400 051

Phone: 022-66684444
Email: [email protected]

Bank of India (BoI) is a government-owned commercial bank with its headquarters in Mumbai. It was founded in the year 1906 in Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay). The government has a major stake ever since the bank got nationalised under the nationalisation of banks in 1969. At present the Bank of India has more than 4400 branches including 54 branches outside India.

It is important to note that the Bank of India (BoI) is a founder member of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunications), which is responsible for facilitating provision of cost-effective financial processing and communication services.

The product portfolio of Bank of India consists of commercial banking, retail banking, private banking, asset management, mortgages and credit cards.